Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Native People of Alaska

Langdon, Steve J. (2002)l The Native People of Alaska. Tlingit and Haida, Southeast Coastal Indians, page 100.

When I was looking for more information on the Tlingit people, a thought came to my mind how about I go back and look over the book that we got at the beginning of the semester. Since that I have talked about the culture and hunting (some what) I want to inform my readers on how the Tlingit people traveled. Since the Tlingit people lived in Southeast Alaska there is a lot of water surrounding them. The Tlingits depended on dugout canoes for their transportation, the canoes were made out of spruce or cottonwood because red cedar is not found in this region of Alaska. There were two different sizes of canoes that were made, the small size was 10-16 feet long with a "u" shaped bottom that was designed for short trips, the canoe carried up to five people. The larger canoe was 20-50 feet in length it was used for long distance traveling, trading and war. These canoes had v-shaped bottoms and the draft was very deep. Both of these canoes were propelled by diamond shaped paddles, both men and women paddled. Canoes are still being made today but obviously not the same traditional way.

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