Monday, November 16, 2009

Jenny Thlunaut

Jenny Thlunaut was born in Haines, Alaska, May 18, 1891. She like all of the young Tlingit children enjoyed playing on the beach, picking berries and picking celery. Jenny would travel with the community and go fishing and hunting. When Jenny was ten, she was given her first box of mountain goat wool and began to learn how to weave. Throughout her life she was credited for single handedly keeping the the tradition alive during the lack of interest of Alaska native art. Near the end of her life she put her blankets up on the market for $10,000 - $16,000, even though she was selling these blankets she still gave some of them away. Jenny never kept a blanket for herself. "I don't want to be stingy with this," she said. "I am giving it to you, and you will carry it on"

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